The power of social media

I don’t normally just write on my blog, but I had a real humbling moment today in my workshop and thought I would share it, to show the power of social media. This is for the ‘I haven’t got time for social media’ brigade.

I posted on twitter about upcoming workshops, and was approached by a lady, asking if I had any workshops running during a certain time in June as she was coming down to Cornwall on holiday.  We arranged a date for a lampshade making workshop during her stay, all through twitter.

Cathy and her daughter Catherine arrived at the workshop today. I had chosen a certain Clarke & Clarke fabric to make my demo lampshade, she had exactly the same fabric! What are the odds of that?

She told me about how she had been following my facebook page since my #sbs win with Theo Paphitis, nearly 2 1/2 years ago. We had never spoken.  She lives in Manchester, and had already recommended me to her boss, and I made him some bespoke bunting, at the end of last year.

They chose to come and stay near Wadebridge, where I have recently opened our Winifred and Mabel shop, because she thought it looked like a great town to come and visit after following my business journey on facebook & twitter.

Amazing! I really didn’t realise that I had such an impact on people, so far, it’s a weeks holiday, they had a meal for 4 in Rick Steins, Padstow, last evening, along with a week of visiting other Cornish places and  they’re off to the Royal Cornwall Show at the end of the week. I’ve no idea, but that’s definitely £100s of pounds going into the Cornish economy.

It was lovely to meet Cathy and Catherine today, and I hope they really enjoy their week in Cornwall, and come back again soon!